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Ticketing Rules and Regulations

Natasha's is moving to a box office system for all Bat appearances at the restaurant. This is an upgrade to their present method of taking reservations.

Soon you will be able to buy tickets online at their website Natasha's Cafe for either the Dinner Show at 7:30 p.m., seating from 6-7:15, or the Cocktail show at 10 p.m., seating at 9:30.

Bat Tickets can be purchased in advance and can be placed in "will call" at the door waiting for you when you arrive, picked up or mailed to you on request.

If you have already made a reservation for the May 12th show expect a call so that they can get you your tickets. (either in will call or to be picked up in advance.)

All About Bat Tickets! the fine/bold print.

•Tickets are not refundable, but are transferable.

•Tickets are forfeited if not claimed by 7:45 p.m. - definition of "Claimed" DOES include a phone call saying "we're late!, hold our seats"

•All forfeited money goes to the Bats fund.

•Please call if you are unable to use your tickets, it's just polite.

•If you have purchased tickets and are unable to attend and can't find a friend to use your tickets, you may post a notice here on the Bat Forum with your phone number or email address.

•Tickets are for the date on the ticket only.

•Please make your dinner reservation for anytime between 6:15 to 7:15.

•Tickets are printed in sequence 1-72...Early lower numbered tickets are sold first. Seats 1-20 are in or near the front...21 - 60 roughly in the middle and 61-73 toward to rear.

•Tickets do not correspond to any particular table

Questions? Call Natasha's at 859-259-2754. Natasha's Cafe

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